We transform businesses with custom AI solutions

How we can help

Our mission is to use AI to elevate customer experiences

Build personalized customer interactions

Enhance user experiences with tailored conversations, adapting to each customer’s unique needs and preferences.

Integrate with CRMs to keep customer data seamless.

Make information easily accessible

Centralize knowledge and provide customers with quick, accurate answers to their questions.

Create custom conversational agents for teams, events, and more.

Create transparent AI-driven recommendations

Boost sales and customer satisfaction with intelligent product suggestions based on user behavior and preferences.

Understand and control recommendation criteria.

Get powerful, actionable insights

Analyze customer interactions and gain valuable insights to optimize your strategies and drive growth.

About us

Why Opacity AI?

Our team, not content with the “black boxes” that power modern AI experiences, aims to bridge the gap between complex AI systems and practical business needs. We develop accessible, understandable, and valuable AI solutions that empower businesses and improve customer experiences, focusing on natural language processing and understanding.

Our small team is passionate about helping to demystify AI technology, making it more transparent, approachable, and actionable for brands and users, enabling clients to confidently integrate AI into their operations and interactions. We seek to build solutions for a more transparent and accessible AI-driven future.

Built for you

Cutting-edge technology for your brand

We integrate with leading technology platforms such as OpenAI GPT-4, Anthropic Claude, Stability.AI StableDiffusion, and others to match the best model available to each use case.

AI should extend your brand experience, not change it. We build custom solutions with the entire user journey in mind, seamlessly integrating with existing websites, products, and campaigns.

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